8 Reasons Why You Should Work in a Foreign Country

Human Resources

1. You are in a Foreign Country!
You are having new experiences, seeing new things, meeting new people, learning more about the world and yourself. Who cares about the job, enjoy the opportunity to live in new surroundings.

2. You are Working
You get all the benefits of being in a new country but you also have the security of a regular paycheck. You don’t need too much savings to travel if you are going to work.

3. You Can Travel More
Living in a distant foreign country opens up a whole new world of inexpensive travel opportunities.

4. New Insights
Living in a foreign country opens you up to an entirely novel way of living. All those old customs and habits we have in our home countries are just that, habits. New countries help you question your assumptions of what life is about and ultimately makes you a better person, if you let it.

5. Escape Old Baggage
We all get into self-defeating routines that can rob us of our dreams and passions. For better and for worse, being abroad allows you to escape your inhibitions and do things you might not have considered.

6. Get Out of the Consumption Cycle
There is an incredible amount of peer and societal pressure to keep purchasing material possessions. As an outsider in a foreign country you completely by-pass that consumerism. Travelers are expected to have minimal possessions

7. It is a new job
A different job, even if it is not so great, is a welcome change. You will be doing different things with different people so there will be a lot to learn.

8. Did I mention, You are in a Foreign Country!
By all means quit your job and start working abroad. You will be much better for it.